The Best Way To Sell Beats As A Modern Music Producer In Africa (6 tips)

You produce right? But you’ve been having a hard time finding Artistes who actually want to purchase your beats. I know how you feel.. It sucks big time.. We’ve all been there at some point. Don’t feel left out because this guide will surely help you learn the best way to sell beats as a modern music producer in Africa and find where you have been getting it wrong and help you learn what actually works in 6 tips :

  1. No Free Beats 🚫 : Tone down the number of free beats you give out. Yes I understand you want to build your portfolio and you want more placements but for real and in truth. Quality placements never come out of “Free beats”. So even if you must give out free beats, make sure the track coming out of that free stuff will surely help you get other Artistes to see reason to purchase beats from you. If you have been giving out free beats and people still don’t feel good about paying you for beats. You should probably look into the quality of beats you’re making, maybe you might need to improve your beat making skills. Either way, don’t be known as the “Free beat” guy.
  2. Don’t Be Cheap 💰 : Almost every time I see producers post beats for sale on social media I get utterly disappointed by the pricing. I mean how will you sell 3 beats for N5,000 and expect other artistes to place value on your beats? You’re the one undervaluing yourself! Stop that crap this very instant and sell beats the right way for the right price!
  3. Confidence 😎 : I’ve seen music producers sell shitty beats to Artistes mainly because of the amount of confidence they put in when trying to get the Artiste to purchase. Look, Nobody buys anything from a person who isn’t even confident enough in what they sell. So, you need to be confident in your ability as a producer and in your beats before you can get people to actually see value in your sounds and be willing enough to pay you for it. Confidence moves mountains.
  4. Type Beats / Style Beats 🔥 : These are beats that are similar to the beats used in a hit song or a particular type of beat that a well known Artiste uses most of the time. Just like we all know that “Mr. Eazi sound, Kiss Daniel sound etc.” Artistes live in the moment so most of them usually like jumping on beats similar to the beat used in a hit song. You can make some “Type / Style” beats and market them to Artistes. 6 times out of 10 this strategy works and you can find yourself making some easy money.
  5. Social Media 📣 : Now this is where majority of all marketing activities take place these days. It’s pretty easy to find Artistes and market your beats to them and I’ll tell you how. You can search for Artistes using Hashtags, Phrases etc. When you find any Artiste on social media. Slide into their dms and tell them that you have sounds that completely define them and can catapult them into limelight. That they should respond if they’re interested in hearing any. Note : Never include the word “Free” in any of your dms because it’ll make you look like a begging producer and it’s a big turn off. When they respond send them short samples of your beats while tagging your beats almost every 4 bars so they get the idea that you’re completely in for selling them beats and not giving out any free stuff. If they end up liking a few (which they will) never send them more beats if they request for more as this will only increase their indecisiveness. Focus on the ones they like and try to sell it to them.
  6. Getting An Online Beat Store 🎼 : To be honest, the easiest way to sell beats as a music producer in Africa or anywhere in the world is to sell beats online via a beat store. This way customers from all over the world can access your beats online and purchase directly without much work from your end. I’ve been doing this since 2015 and I’ve made quite a lot of money ever since.

Fun fact : I made well over $1000 in just 3 months of taking my beats online back in 2015.

I suggest you all do the same using AmplifiHub. is an African online creative studio that offers music producers a chance to sell beats online and get paid without much hassle. Lots of African producers have sold beats online for the first time on AmplifiHub and they have admitted it’s actually better than the traditional way of selling beats physically. Hop on today, subscribe to a plan for as low as NGN500 a month and start selling your beats online. You can cancel at anytime. No commitments.

The Best Way To Sell Beats As A Modern Music Producer In Africa - AmplifiHub beat hub view

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Now you know the best way to sell beats as a modern music producer in Africa. Kindly share this blog post and share your thoughts on the comments below. I’ll be happy to interact.

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