New Feature : Beat Sales and Marketing Tool

The new beat sales and marketing tool for African music producers from AmplifiHub is worth checking out.

AmplifiHub offers a ton of features that can be accessed via subscription and when in trial mode but today we will be focusing on just one part of the feature and that’s the Freebeats to Chat feature.

You see, to get customers in the real world easily you need to offer a Freemium. That’s where Free beats come in play as music producers in Africa.

AmplifiHub allows you to connect / chat with your Freemium customers (people who download your free beats) just by visiting the Contact Customer page under the “Sell Beats” tab on the sidebar.

beat sales and marketing tool

Here’s How To Use This Wonderful Feature:

• Upload free beats to get them listed on your personal Beat store and on the Freebeats download page.

• Then you get a list of customers who downloaded your free beats on the Contact Customer page located on the side bar in the “Sell Beats” container.

• On this page you will see a chat button next to each customer’s name.

• Click on the button to start conversing and making offers like mixing and mastering services, custom beats etc. with your prospective customers.

• You can also download emails of customers who downloaded your freebeats to use for marketing purposes to further build your client base.

Learn more on this cool feature here

This cool marketing feature from AmplifiHub will help a lot of music producers with very little customer base gain customers and a huge following.

I’ve been using this beat sales and marketing tool from AmplifiHub for a while now and I gotta tell ya, it’s entirely worth subscribing for this. How else can you comfortably build your customer base in this digital age if not online?

Get online now, sell more Afrobeat Instrumentals and start expanding your reach as a music producer in Africa.

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