How To Sell Beats On Your Personal Website Using AmplifiHub in Africa.

In this article I will show you how to sell beats on your personal website using AmplifiHub in Africa.

Being a music producer simply means being a brand. And in today’s world every brand has a website and every website has a common purpose,

"To pull in and retain customers." 

And being a producer, you make beats so you have to pull in and retain your customers. But having a personal website where you can’t conveniently sell your beats and products online without stress can be somewhat annoying and stressful for you and your customers.

This is where the Html5 Beat Store from AmplifiHub comes in play.

With this feature, you can have your beats displayed on your personal website just like mine displays on this article right above.

No need to give people your personal beat store link if you don’t want to when you can simply give them your website link and have them buy beats right away without stress.

How To Use The Html5 Beat Store From AmplifiHub

  • Login to your Dashboard
  • Click on “Your Profile Picture Or Nickname” located on the top navigation bar to reveal a drop-down then click on Profile
  • On your profile page you will find 3 tabs “edit profile, your links and referral”
  • Click on the “Your Links” tab and you will find your iFrame link here.
  • Copy the link and paste on any website you have to display your beats on your personal website.
how to sell beats on your personal website. AmplifiHub Html5 iFrame beat store.

Now you know how to sell beats on your personal website using AmplifiHub. Go Amp today! Subscribe to a plan, populate your beat store with your African sounds and make sales!

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