AmplifiHub New Features For The Month Of May

Our New Features.

  1. Chat / Order Section : Artistes¬†and Music producers can now do more than just downloading, buying and selling of beats by interacting through our chat / order page. Now you can be more flexible with your dealings on AmplifiHub. The chat section is accessible in 2 ways, Placing a “Work For Hire” and a Mixing and Mastering” order. Learn More on placing a work for hire order and Learn More on placing a mixing and mastering order.
  2. Beat Waveform Visualizer : Need to be sure the beat you’re purchasing has the right dynamics you’re in need of? Click on the beat directly to check it out. Visit this link to checkout a live sample of a beat waveform.
  3. Like Beats & Share Beats : Users can now like and share beats from any page on AmplifiHub (You need to be logged in to do this). 

How To Increase Your Chances Of Selling Beats On AmplifiHub in 2 Simple Tips?

  1. Keep uploading beats, yes that’s right. Stores with lots of content usually give prospective buyers more options to choose from. If you have less than 8 beats, chances are you’re not giving your customers enough options so you might end up loosing a buyer to some other producer who’s got tons beats on offer. 
  2. Share your personal beat store link and links to your individual beats on your on your social media accounts. Conversion from social media is one effective way to grow your store and your brand as a producer.

What More Do We Have In The Pipeline For Producers?

We got a lot more updates lined up … Watch this space

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