AmplifiHub 2.0 Is Here

AmplifiHub is now greatly improved in a lot of ways as we have made major improvements and added new features to the platform.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the website has been quite unstable for some time now. That’s because we have been making some major improvements to the website. Our apologies for the instability as you can be rest assured that we are way past that phase now.

Please find below most of the updates we have made to the website.

  1. Contracts – Users can now download contracts after purchasing beats. (Producers get a copy & Artistes/Purchaser get a copy)
  2. Producer sales section – Producers on the platform now have a detailed list of all the beat sales on the platform by visiting the “Sales page” on the Dashboard.
  3. Invoice downloads – Beat purchasers can now download invoices of beats purchased on the “Purchases page” on the Dashboard.
  4. Share beats to social media – You can now share your uploaded beats directly to social media by visiting your beat store, clicking on the beat name to visit the single beat page then clicking on any of the share buttons.
  5. Login to download free beats – Free Beats can no longer be downloaded without signing up. So to download a free beat you have to sign up for free then you’ll be able to download the beat.
  6. 7 days free trial – Yes, you can now try AmplifiHub free for 7 days only. You get to upload only 3 beats to test the features of the website. The trial account is available by default to customers who sign up newly. If you would like to experience the 7 days free trial send an email with your request so the team can get you the trial account.
  7. New UI – We got a complete new User interface designed with the end user in mind to ease the navigation and use of the platform.
  8. Promote beats now 500 per day – We have reduced the the promote beats fee to just N500 per day
  9. Moved to a faster server – We have moved to a faster server to cope with the ever increasing demands of running such a platform.
  10. New pricing – Because of our new features, we conducted a survey with a group of anonymous music producers on what pricing works best for them. The survey helped us figure it is best to start the pricing at N1500 a month for the Silver Producer, N3000 a month for the Gold Producer and N8000 a month for the Platinum Producer. Checkout the new pricing here.

Our existing subscribers don’t have to worry about the pricing change for now as we have given all existing subscribers 1 year free access to the service as we understand that this price change might cause some inconveniences for existing subscribers.

We got a lot more features and improvements done that we might not have added here and we have more coming your way. Anyways, keep making them Afrobeats and keep selling them on

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